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The BEST way to experience Koh Phan-gan – Thailand

Where is Koh Pha-ngan and how do I get there?

You can easily get to Koh Pha-ngan from most places in Thailand as it is a very sought out destination. That is the beauty of today’s day and age, you can just type into google, “How to get from XXXX to Koh Pha-ngan”, and you have a multitude of options. The time before my experience in Koh Pha-ngan I was in Patong Beach near Phuket. My transport from my hostel in Patong Beach to Koh Pha-ngan was 1,100 Baht and included both my shuttle and boat ferry to Koh Pha-ngan. The trip takes about 12 hours but is well worth it. I would recommend reading some reviews as my experience was terrible. Not only did the shuttle driver steal my wallet out of my bag as I was sleeping, but the bus that transported us from the shuttle to the ferry was filled with exhaust fumes and was the hottest I have ever been in Asia, which is saying a lot. After that, once we got on the ferry everything was fantastic.

It is so nice on these ferries, every time I have been on one I have gotten to witness a beautiful sunset. Also, there are snacks and beers available on the boat which always makes for a great time.

Best beach in Koh Pha-ngan

Alright, so this is a secret beach that a local told me about and it is a bit tricky to get there but I got a little map to show you exactly how to find it. It was amazing and we were the only ones there.

Ok, so what you do is type in Bluerama on your handy dandy phone and go to the beginning of the trail up to the resort. If you don’t have a Thai sim card by now you should go get one… it is about $10 US dollars for a couple weeks of 4G data and it helps a ton. Back to it.. once you get to this trail at the bottom of Bluerama head west about 30 km and on the left-hand side you will see a little trail that leads down the secret beach, you can see the faint trail on the map above. If you like having a beautiful beach to yourself you need to find this spot.

There is a 7-11 right up the street from this spot so my friends and I bought some water, snacks, and beers and spent most of the day here by ourselves. This was certainly a highlight for me here in Koh Pha-ngan you guys gotta let me know how you liked it when you check it out!

Some tips for Koh Pha-ngan

Koh Pha-gnan is a beautiful island and although it is small in comparison to some other islands in South East Asia it is still a bit spread out and it would be well worth your while to rent a scooter for your time there. You should expect to pay around 250 baht a day and gas is very cheap, trust me it will make your stay much better.

Accommodation on the Island is spread pretty evenly throughout the island and you should expect to pay about 200-250 baht per night if you are staying in a dorm room in a hostel. I stayed at Slumber Party but feel free to check out these others here. The Slumber Party was awesome, they had a pool, gym, and great staff. The food was great and the party scene is definitely present if that is what you are looking for. Most people travel to Koh Pha-gnan for the half-moon or more importantly, the full-moon party, but don’t look past the beauty and adventure available on the island. There are delicious restaurants all over the place which offer most dished for about 60-80 baht per plate, so stay away from the Western food, it’s pricey and you can have as much as you want when you get back home. When I was there all the waterfalls happened to be dried up which was a bummer but look into checking them out when you visit! Here is a map to the best one in the locals perspective.


The two BEST bars I went to on the Island

Aside from the crazy crazy parties (half-moon/full-moon) on Haad Rin, there are some awesome spots that some locals recommended me to check out and I loved them. The first is “Top Rock”, it is an amazing little bar up in the hills that offers a beautiful lookout for the sunset. You can order food, drinks, and even joints there.

The family that owns and operates the place is very nice and made our time there unforgettable. Not many tourists go here so you will be happy to find a nice chill vibe while you enjoy the beautiful nightly sunset Koh Pha-ngan has to offer.

The next spot on my favorites is called “The Fifth Element”, it is typically a pretty massive party place but when we showed up it was just us there, which was pretty nice considering we were looking for a mellow night. There is a pool, bar, and food available. This Place overlooks Haad Rin and the bay is absolutely stunning.

This place was also recommended to me by locals so you know it’s good. If you ever have any questions anywhere you are going always ask the locals, most times they are more than willing to lead you to the best parts of the island.

Departing from Koh Pha-ngan

Again, traveling around this part of Thailand is very common and you will be able to buy your ferry ticket almost anywhere. We got ours from our hostel and it costs 350 baht. If you are on Koh Pha-ngan and haven’t yet visited Koh Tao I highly recommend making it a stop on your list. At the ferry port, you will find vendors selling beer, food, and refreshments. The ferry also has some snacks and beers so it is up to you if you want to turn your ferry into a booze cruise or not.. we did.

I truly hope that you enjoyed this blog post and that it helped you maximize your time on the beautiful island of Koh Pha-ngan. Please let me know if you have any questions about Koh-ngan, Thailand, or just traveling in general. Enjoy your day, happy travels, and always remember.. you don’t HAVE to you GET to 🙂