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Miracle Hot Springs

I am beyond happy that I had the pleasure to stumble upon Miracle Hot Springs. My girlfriend and I were simply on our way from Kern River Rafting to Kern River Brewery. As she was looking up directions on google maps she saw, “Miracle Hot Springs”, and after some research, there were, in fact, hot springs down by the river… “Miracle Hot Springs”, even! We decided to press on and get some beers and food from Kern River Brewery before we enjoyed the jacuzzi like pools on the side of the rushing Kern River.

How to find the secret, Miracle Hot Springs

If you click directions on this interactive map it should take you right to the parking lot before you make the 100 meter walk to the infamous, Miracle Hot Springs. However, I will still give you some worded instructions just in case you don’t have service in these parts of the canyon near the hot springs, which happens and is both a blessing and a curse. So, from the 178… If you are headed into Kernville from the opening of the canyon you will make a right-hand turn on Borel Road, follow Borel Road until you dead end into Kern Canyon Road where you will make another right-hand turn. Follow Kern Canyon Road until you hit Hobo Campground (don’t let the name worry you, it is a beautiful place, onward to Miracle Hot Springs!), there are two campgrounds off of Kern County road so don’t confuse Sandy Flat Campground with Hobo Campground. When you arrive at the right turn into Hobo Camp Ground there will be a sign on the left that says Hobo Camp Ground, still make a right, not a left and follow the road to the LEFT. There you can park your car and enter the trail to the Miracle Hot Springs that is going down-river, South-West, to the right if you are still sitting in your car 🙂 Walk for a short while and you have arrived!

Miracle Hot Springs

I had never been to a hot spring in my life and am happy these were my first. There are about 5-6 pools in this area and rumor has it there are more down-river. Some are hotter than others and my favorite was the biggest one further down than all the rest. People have come with cement and stone and built these up a bit but only in order to hold in more water than they previously could. They have also added some artwork that says, “Miracle”. We met some amazing people down at the hot springs, two locals and a guy from Chicago. The locals were giving us some Coors Lights and we were all talking about traveling and how beautiful this planet is. It was an unbelievable end to my birthday.

Miracle Hot Springs

Some Suggestions

-There are two campsites nearby, Sandy Flats and Hobo campgrounds. I would highly recommend staying there and experiencing these Miracle Hot Springs under the amazing Sequoia National Park stars. I wish I could have spent more time here and I will most certainly be back!

-By California state law you are legally allowed to be nude at the Miracle Hot Springs.

-Bring beers, it’s nice.

-Pick a day and go do this!

Thanks again for reading my blog, I hope you have been inspired to go check out these amazing hot springs! Have an amazing rest of your day/night.

Miracle Hot Springs