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Kern River Rafting – California

I always knew that white water rafting was something I have always wanted to do, but I never looked into it because I figured that any whitewater rapids would be too far from my current location. Who knew Kern River Rafting was so popular? I know I sure didn’t. From now on, Kern River Rafting will certainly be on my, “Top things-to-do list”, here in California. Here is my experience with Kern River Rafting in the ever beautiful, California.

How to get to the Kern River

Here is a map that will lead you straight to the opening of the canyon where all the Kern River rafting begins.

From where ever it is that you may be traveling, just click on this interactive map where is says directions and it will take you right to the opening of the canyon where the kern river so beautifully runs along. This precise location is where I went Kern River Rafting with the Rivers End Rafting Company, and I have made the link available for those of you who would like to look into your own Kern River Rafting expedition!

What to expect

Upon arriving at the Rivers End Rafting companies parking lot I had no idea what to expect. My trip out to Kern River Rafting was all a surprise worked out by my girlfriend. I had no idea where I was going until about five minutes before we arrived. This was always something I had wanted to do and was beyond thrilled to get on with the white water rafting. However, we were about 30 minutes early so naturally, I put the drone up.

Looks like the middle of nowhere, and to be honest, that is all I ever thought Bakersfield, California really was, with the exception of big houses and swimming pools everywhere. But boy was I wrong this Kern River Rafting experience completely changed my mind on the matter. We were doing both the A.M. and the P.M. Kern River Rafting sessions with Road Ends Rafting company and were instructed to arrive about 20 minutes early to get all the safety talks out of the way and prepare for the rafting!

The bus ride was about 5 minutes to the launching station and we were on our way down the river. I loved absolutely every minute of this tour and couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present, thanks Stephanie! These whitewater rapids were class two and three on a scale that goes up to about five or six. (Six being launching off waterfalls) Most anybody can handle these rapids and I recommend you do! If you are more of a thrill seeker and want a bit more of a challenge with your Kern River Rafting experience then head farther up the 178 and into the canyon, the deeper in you go, the higher classes you will encounter. Unfortunately for you crazy people there is no class six options.

This Kern River Rafting experience was at the opening of the canyon that leads you all the way up to Lake Isabella and Kernville, where you will find camping, hiking, and other fun things to do like secret hot springs!

Is Kern River Rafting the only thing to do out there?

Absolutely not, along the Kern River you will find a multitude of things to do such as camping, renting waves runners, visiting Lake Isabella, hiking, visiting the secret, ‘Miracle Hot Springs‘, and there is even an amazing brewery.

Kern River Brewery

I have known about Kern River Brewing company for a while now and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out where this delicious beer is crafted. The drive was about 50 minutes into the canyon all the way past Lake Isabella and into Kernville. It was an amazing drive and I couldn’t believe the landscapes we were driving through. It really made me realize how little of this beautiful state I have actually experienced. The brewery did not disappoint and offered both delicious food and beer at an affordable price.

What a perfect stop for a long day of Kern River Rafting. After satiating ourselves here at Kern River Brewery we headed back out of the canyon on the way to find the Miracle Hot Springs we randomly saw on google maps on our way up the canyon. Here is a link to my blog about, Miracle Hot Springs. I recommend you guys stay the night in Kernville if you plan on doing what I did this day. It was amazing fun and all worth it but the three-hour drive home was a tough one. Plus there are way too many things to there besides Kern River Rafting to only spend one day there. Look into campsites and motels before you decide to head home!

I sincerely hope you lovely people enjoyed the blog about Kern River Rafting and hope that you too have this amazing experience. Remember, it really isn’t too far and the unforgettable experiences to be had are well worth the adventure! As much as I love you reading my blog I would much rather you be showing me how much fun you had Kern River Rafting! Safe travels and let me know if you have any questions or comments!